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Blue The Nation | September 1, 2014

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The Men of Reddit

The Men of Reddit
Jonathan Nathan

Oh the good gentlemen of Reddit. Specifically the gentlemen of r/TheRedPill, who continue to demonstrate that it doesn’t matter how many times you claim to not be misogynist, what really counts is all the misogynist things you say and do. Here are some lovely comments from a thread about how it’s a good idea to have women friends (but because they’re legitimately human beings or any pussy stuff like that.) Anyway, trigger warning for despicable MRA/PUA garbage about how women aren’t people.

So right off the bat, we discover that women are terrible people who will never do anything decent or friendlike for you, but you can use them as sources of information and entertainment. We seem to see a lot of this from this kind of man. A lot of this worldview is preoccupied with the “uses” of women. You know, as if they were tools. Or, uh, what’s that word? Objects.

Wow, how about that for non-misogyny? “Women are simple creatures whose personal depth can be plumbed in about a month. They’re boring and annoying.”

“Most of the women I know are unreliable, disloyal, and annoying. But I’m no misogynist. I mean I don’t walk around murdering women, so that means I can’t be a misogynist, right?”

“Have sex from”? Is this guy Pat Robertson? Someone tell those three women that he likes to do sex at.

“Once you start treating women with human decency and respect they will lose attraction to you.” Pretty much says it all right there. By the way, trigger warning reiterated for this next one. It’s pretty heinous.

First of all, let’s be clear: none of that is true. It just isn’t. This guy is an obese neckbeard that his women friends treat like a gay best friend. Except without the respect part. Second, I hope I never run into this guy at a party. Because I’d hate to get arrested for what I’d do.

This is a good one to end on. Because it cuts right to the heart of r/TheRedPill: “Ladies, I can’t put my thingie inside your personality. So shut up and be an object.”

  • DLZ

    Neckbeard? Sexual shaming for an opinion? I expected better.

    • JonathanNathan

      No, for being an asshole.