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Blue The Nation | August 28, 2014

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In Their Own Words: A Misogynist Explains Misogyny on Reddit

In Their Own Words: A Misogynist Explains Misogyny on Reddit
Jonathan Nathan

If there were a television program called “Great Moments in Mansplaining,” I think I would have one to nominate for the top spot. Mansplaining has officially reached a new height, or a new low, depending on how you feel. In a Reddit comment thread regarding the Blue The Nation article “The Men of Reddit,” one such Man of Reddit literally tries to explain why misogyny is totally okay. Check it out:

You catch all that? Let’s dissect that bad boy and see what we find.

OK, so right off the bat we’re gonna start with bad grammar. That’s a good way to start. And a good way to follow that up is by making up an absolutely meaningless metric and pretend to be able to quantifiably measure it without giving so much as a hint as to the rubric being used. The U.S. is 50% above the median in gender hostility? You might as well say the U.S. is 38% more nervous than Costa Rica. It’s meaningless.

This is a bit of a curveball. The guy is clearly mansplaining away, and making excuses for, misogyny, but he decries “gender roles.” I’m not sure if he’s just heard enough terminology to know that those words have meaning to feminists, or if he’s just a psychopath. “It’s bad in this country, so there’s no choice but to make it even worse,” he seems to be saying. And that does make sense. It’s kind of like when you accidentally stub your toe, the best way to make it feel better is to slit your own throat.

Oh, well why didn’t you say so before? I mean that justifies everything! After all, everyone knows that the pursuit of getting laid exonerates men from all crime and sin. In fact, in that same spirit, I propose that we legalize rape. After all, rapists are just doing what is necessary to be sexually successful, right?

We’re starting to really get to the heart of the matter here, and I think there’s actually something to be gleaned from all this. Because what we have here is a guy who really doesn’t understand that there is no checklist of things you have to do and then you get laid. The cluelessness of this section is mindblowing. “I mean these guys are good-looking, they have money, and they still don’t get to sleep with the women they want to sleep with! What gives?” It’s like it’s never occurred to these men that maybe they should try to have an actual appealing personality.

Also, I love that “become an asshole” and “read PUA books and go ‘RedPill’” are treated as if they were different things.

And why should they be? This guy seems to be under the impression that there was some time in the past when if a guy worked out, was six feet tall, made six figures, lived in Santa Monica, and drove a nice car, he could sleep with whatever woman he wanted to sleep with. But I have to tell you that when I picture a guy who works out, makes six figures, lives in Santa Monica, and drives a BMW, I don’t think of someone I’d introduce to my women friends as dating material. I think of an asshole that I would constantly be trying to find an excuse to punch in the face. Seriously, picture that guy. Uses a lot of hair product, wears suits in situations that don’t merit suits, and orders drinks that cost $25 in bars, right? Right.

Let’s just leave aside the question of whether that 90% figure is even true, but did I miss the part of the story where the only women anyone is allowed to date live on the West Coast and have Louis Vuitton monogrammed purses? When was that plot twist introduced? The last time I checked, if you were a guy with the faintest glimmer of intellectual interest still flickering in your brain, you avoided those girls like the plague. Come to think of it, that girl sounds like the female counterpart of hair-product/BMW guy from Santa Monica. But apparently Louis Vuitton girl and hair product guy aren’t having a lot of luck together, according to this dude’s narrative. Apparently even assholes won’t date assholes.

So in summary, misogynistic men get all the chicks, so misogyny is okay because I gotta get chicks, right? Why can’t I have fun? Why should I let all those assholes have all the fun? I love that this essentially serves as a sort of coda on the “a lot of RedPill guys started out believing in egalitarianism.” Because what this guy is basically saying is, “A lot of us believed in egalitarianism when we thought that’s what was gonna get us laid. But it turns out that misogyny will get us laid instead, so we’re going with misogyny.” These people have all the inner moral strength and ethical consistency of William Saletan being interrogated by Darth Vader.

What it all ultimately boils down to is that misogynists are misogynists for three reasons. First, they believe women are misandrists, so it’s only fair. Second, they’re angry because they think there should be a set of rules they can follow in order to get laid. And third, they’re frustrated that asshole women won’t sleep with them even though they’ve never tried to hook up with any other kind of woman.

Truly illuminating. Thanks, Reddit!