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Blue The Nation | August 30, 2014

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North Carolina Is Trying to Pass Texas-Style Anti-Choice Legislation Right Now

North Carolina Is Trying to Pass Texas-Style Anti-Choice Legislation Right Now
Jonathan Nathan

You’ve heard about Wendy Davis, you’ve heard about the abortion bill she temporarily defeated, you’ve heard about all that stuff that’s gone down and is still going down in Texas. But if we’ve learned anything about the modern conservative movement, it’s that they have no original ideas. They all just do the same old same old, introducing and passing the same boilerplate conservative bills in state after state. So with the abortion restrictions bills still being debated in Texas, they’ve suddenly been introduced in North Carolina.

This morning, state Representative Joe Sam Queen, a Democrat, tweeted out word that the Republicans in his chamber had, in the middle of proceedings on a motorcycle safety bill, suddenly brought up amendments that turned the measure into an anti-abortion bill. “New abortion bill being heard in the committee I am on,” he tweeted. “The public didn’t know. I didn’t even know.”

This tactic has become the North Carolina Republicans’ go-to method. They previously tried to tack these restrictions onto an unrelated bill banning sharia law, which is a sentence no one should ever have had to say.

The North Carolina Republicans are so bad, even the Republican Governor of the state is rejecting their attacks on women. Pat McCrory campaigned on a promise to not sign any new abortion restrictions, has denounced the Republican “sneak attack” methodology, and has threatened to veto the laws being pushed through both chambers of the state legislature. The Republicans may be able to override his vetoes, but being forced to override a veto from a Governor that belongs to one’s own party would be politically catastrophic. State Secretary of Health and Human Services Aldona Wos has also spoken out against the bill.

When it came up in Texas last month, a bill proposing these very same restrictions garnered national revulsion and a filibuster that catapulted a dynamic young Democratic lawmaker to stardom and a potential gubernatorial run. We all need to do our part to bring about, at the very least, a similar outcome in North Carolina. Even if we only delay the inevitable, we can continue to shine the light of American truth on these jackals.